Children Are Citizens

children workshop

This Reggio Emilia-inspired professional development and research initiative, led by Project Zero researchers Mara Krechevsky and Ben Mardell, started with the premise that young children can be fully engaged citizens of Washington, DC–not hypothetical or future citizens.

In 2014-15, working with five early childhood and early elementary classrooms around DC, the pilot phase of the Children Are Citizens project developed a curriculum for exploring places in the nation’s capital of significance to the children.

Linked here is a report on the pilot phase of the project: Children Are Citizens Report 3-16-15

Linked here is the e-version of the book detailing the explorations of Washington, DC, by the children across the city: Children Are Citizens Book 2015. (The front cover is mostly blank, as the children in the project have decorated the hard copies of the book, so that each one is unique.)

In 2016-17, the project, funded by Fight For Children and PNC Banks’ Grow Up Great Program, includes early childhood classrooms from DC Bilingual Public Charter School, E.W. Stokes Public Charter School, J.O. Wilson Elementary School (DCPS), Sacred Heart School, Seaton Elementary School (DCPS), and Sunshine Early Learning Center. Mentors in the project–who are experienced Project Zero practitioners–come from Creative Minds PCS, DC Bilingual PCS, Sacred Heart School, School Within School, Seaton Elementary, and Washington International School. Our cultural institution partners are Imagination Stage, the National Building Museum, and the National Gallery of Art.