WISSIT 2014 Summary and Feedback

We are pleased to report that the inaugural WISSIT was an unqualified success! The institute lasted five days, from August 11-15, 2014. Educators from across the DC area gave up a week of precious summer vacation to participate.

The institute focused on two major themes: Building a Culture of Thinking and Educating for Global Competence. The daily schedule consisted of plenary session talks given by two Project Zero senior researchers, Veronica Boix Mansilla and Ron Ritchhart; interactive courses led by prominent researchers and local educators; and learning groups where participants explored institute themes further and made action plans for the coming school year.


“This was one of the most exciting weeks I have ever experienced in terms of professional
growth. Each day something happened that wowed me more than the day before. The institute
was a first-class operation, from submitting my application to the completion of the program.”

“Fantastic to meet, connect, and learn from teachers in the DC area. Having attended [a
Project Zero institute] at Harvard a few years ago, this event was much more meaningful—in
many ways. Local teachers, leaders, museums, you name it.”

“The time to reflect on what we were learning was crucial as was the chance to meet people
outside of my school.”

“Learning perspectives of other participants who offered much knowledge about different
disciplines enriched the experience.”

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WISSIT 2014 Summary Report