Past Events

2016-17 Academic Year
* Monday-Friday, August 1-5, 2016: WISSIT, the third annual Washington International School Summer Institute for Teachers: Connecting DC Educators with Project Zero Ideas. Location: Washington International School’s Tregaron campus; the National Gallery of Art; the Freer|Sackler Galleries of Art; the Library of Congress; the National Building Museum; the Smithsonian American Art Museum; and the U.S. Botanic Garden.

2015-16 Academic Year
* Monday-Friday, August 3-7, 2015: WISSIT, the second annual Washington International School Summer Institute for Teachers: Connecting DC Educators with Project Zero Ideas. Location: Washington International School’s Tregaron campus; the National Gallery of Art; the Freer Gallery of Art; the National Building Museum; and the U.S. Botanic Garden.

* Thursday, October 8: Project Zero researcher Edward Clapp led a design challenge and focused on the importance of collaboration in deveoping creativity. Event held at Washington International School’s Tregaron campus from 4:30-7:15 p.m.

* Tuesday, November 17: How do we create a culture of thinking in a classroom and across a school? Sacred Heart School in Mt. Pleasant hosted this event where we learned with and from educators from across DC about their own journey. Event lasted from 4:30-6:45 p.m.

* Saturday, December 5: “The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom” Teacher Workshop. In this special one-day workshop for K-12 educators, Library of Congress education specialists modeled strategies for using primary sources to engage students, build critical thinking skills, and construct knowledge. Participants considered and discussed ways to apply the items and strategies with their students, in their classrooms and school libraries.

* Tuesday, December 8: The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art showcased their teen docent program. Participants experienced thinking routines in the galleries with a teen docent guiding the exploration of artwork.

* Tuesday, January 12: Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School hosted an evening session focused on building global competence in students across the preschool-high school continuum.

* Thursday, February 4: “Documenting Learning,” a workshop led by experienced practitioners, and inspired by the practices of educators in the Reggio Emilia, Italy, preschools. Held at Sidwell Friends School’s Middle School campus in Tenleytown.

* Thursday, April 21: The third annual DC-PZ Exhibition of Teacher and Student Learning took place at Sidwell Friends School’s Wisconsin Avenue campus. Over 75 people attended and viewed the 31 exhibits on display, from preschool to high school, from a variety of subject areas, and from a diverse collection of schools across the region.

2014-15 Academic Year

* September-October: In partnership with the Early Childhood Leadership Institute at the University of the District of Columbia, DC-PZ co-sponsored five different talks and workshops led by early childhood educators Tiziana Filippini (pedagogista in Reggio Emilia, Italy); Karen Haigh (author of We Are All Explorers); and Ann Pelo (author of The Language of Art: Inquiry-Based Practices in Early Childhood Settings). These events took place at UDC and Washington International School.

* October 28: “Good Thinking Leads to Good Learning: Thinking Routines in Action,” held at Sacred Heart School in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, featured workshops led by teachers from Sacred Heart and Washington International School. The topics covered multiple disciplines and spanned early childhood through high school, all focused on using thinking routines to stimulate deeper understanding in students.

* January 15: “Making Learning Visible: Exploring the ‘How-To’ of Documenting Student and Teacher Learning,” held at School Within School@Goding, a DC Public School near Union Station. This event featured a talk by Project Zero researcher Mara Krechevsky (co-author of Visible Learners: Promoting Reggio-Inspired Approaches in All Schools) and breakout sessions led by local educators who engaged 100+ attendees in the processes of documentation of student and teacher learning they are using in their classrooms.

* April 25: Family Day at the National Gallery of Art celebrating the book launch for the Children Are Citizens project. Over 450 attendees learned about the project, engaged with interactive exhibits, made art, took a movement/drama workshop, and heard from the children about the ways they engaged with Washington, DC, over the past few months. Children Are Citizens is a Reggio-inspired professional development/research project with five early childhood schools/centers in DC. The students and teachers involved have built a curriculum around exploring important places and people in the nation’s capital.

* April 30: The second annual DC-PZ Exhibition of Teacher and Student Learning was held in the gymnasium of the Sidwell Friends Lower School in Bethesda. Teachers from across the DC area exhibited documentation of learning from all types of classrooms. There were 30 exhibits this year.

* May 20: Imagination Stage hosted an evening devoted to sharing the findings from the Children Are Citizens project. Teachers involved with the project led interactive break-out sessions and Veronica Boix Mansilla gave closing reflections.


2013-14 Academic Year
* A workshop on using art and museums to foster powerful learning experiences, organized by and held at the National Gallery of Art. (This workshop was limited in size and filled up within 24 hours of our opening registration!)

* An evening featuring four Project Zero researchers detailing their latest research, held at Washington International School. This was our largest event of the year, with 150+ people in attendance. Ron Ritchhart, Veronica Boix Mansilla, Mara Krechevsky and Ben Mardell were the guest speakers.

* Facilitated explorations of documentation of student and teacher learning, organized by and held at Sidwell Friends Middle School.

* A series of workshops on inspiring creativity in children organized by and held at School Within School@Goding (DCPS).

* An exhibition of student and teacher learning, featuring exhibits from 23 teachers from across DC, organized by and held at Sidwell Friends Lower School. View the slideshow here.

In addition, we co-sponsored or participated in a number of events throughout the year, including:

* Teacher workshops sponsored by the National Gallery of Art.

* An evening of teaching seminars at Two Rivers Public Charter School.

* Post-performance discussions during the Atlas Intersections Festival at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

* An evening of workshops on using drama to foster creativity in young children with Imagination Stage education staff.