Upcoming Events

DC-Project Zero is in its fifth year of offering meaningful professional development programming. All of our events are open to the public.

2016-17 Academic Year:

* Friday-Sunday, October 7-9: WIS and the National Gallery of Art co-hosted the Project Zero Perspectives conference, a 2.5-day immersion in PZ ideas, featuring renowned Project Zero researchers such as Howard Gardner, David Perkins, Shari Tishman and Veronica Boix Mansilla, as well as presenters from schools and museums around the world. Go to casieonline.org/pz for more information. A preconference day on Thursday, October 6, highlighted the DC-PZ network, and gave participants an opportunity to visit one of four schools in the city using PZ ideas in powerful ways.

* Thursday, November 17: Sacred Heart School in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of DC hosted an “un”conference during which attendees divided into affinity groups based on various interest areas, all related to putting Project Zero ideas into practice.

* Thursday, February 2: We will gather at Sidwell Friends School (Wisconsin Ave. campus) for breakout sessions on effective documentation of teacher and student learning, using Reggio Emilia-inspired principles detailed in the book Visible Learners, co-authored by Project Zero researchers. This event will be excellent preparation for anyone interested in exhibiting at our annual Exhibition of Teacher and Student Learning (see details below) or just learning more about documentation practices. The event will last from 4:45-7:00 p.m. RSVP by clicking here.

* Thursday, March 2: Join Project Zero researcher Edward Clapp at the newly re-opened Renwick Gallery for an evening of exploration of creativity and design. Edward will open the evening with the latest findings from the Agency by Design project, then issue a challenge: how can we empower students (and ourselves) to see the designed world around us as part of an ongoing process – a process in which we can engage? With special, after-hours access, take to the galleries to look deeply, think critically, and stimulate your own curiosity to meet the challenge!

Thursday, April 27: Sidwell Friends School (Wisconsin Ave. campus) again will play host for the annual Exhibition of Teacher and Student Learning, a celebration of learning across diverse settings in the DC-Baltimore region. This outstanding event, a highlight of the DC-PZ calendar, gives attendees the opportunity to see documentation in various forms, all related to inquiry stances developed by the exhibiting educators. If you are interested in exhibiting this year or finding out more, contact Anne Charny (charnya@sidwell.edu) or Denise Coffin (coffind@sidwell.edu), the school-based organizers of the event.

Tuesday, May 9: Reggio Emilia-inspired School Within School @ Goding on Capitol Hill will open its doors to us for an event intended to explore and celebrate young people’s engagement with global citizenship. Projects from around DC, and beyond, from preschool through high school, will be featured.

Thursday, May 25: Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School will host to an evening of breakout sessions that highlight the way teachers around DC are using the Global Competence framework and Global Thinking Routines to engage young people with the world.

Monday-Friday, July 31-August 4: The fourth annual Washington International School Summer Institute for Teachers: Connecting DC Educators with Project Zero Ideas will be held at WIS’s Cleveland Park campus. It will feature a “Day at the Museums” on Wednesday, August 2. Keynote speakers will include Project Zero researchers Mara Krechevsky, Veronica Boix Mansilla, Ben Mardell and Ron Ritchhart. Registration opened January 9.