I Used to Think, but Now I Think 1

Wow!  What an exciting time in this session!

Usually, I am stressed by learning this kind of stuff, technology stuff; though today was different, with Kerri.  She helped build confidence.

I use to try to take on big technology stuff, more than I could handle; but now I think I’ll start small and ease myself into bigger technology ideas.

I use to think negatively about technology; but now I am more inclined to think positively.

I use to think that thinking deeply began with big steps; but now I think going deeper begins with small steps.

Simplicity leads to complexity.


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One thought on “I Used to Think, but Now I Think

  • Kayoko VanWinkle

    I really agree with you. I used to think I was a technophobe but now I think I am not so afraid of it.
    Kerry welcomed me warmly and she taught me step by step, over and over again to help me make my blog.
    It was an exciting session!