Monday’s Welcome to Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom 11

Welcome to the interactive course Making Thinking Visible in the Multimedia Classroom.



Course Description:

How do we document student learning and visible thinking in the multimedia classroom? In this hands-on workshop Digigriot Kerri Redding will engage participants in multimedia activity that utilizes Project Zero thinking routines to build a culture of thinking and reflection in the multimedia classroom. In addition to creating a multimedia project participants will have the opportunity to examine artifacts and student documentation from Narrative Film,  Documentary Film, Claymation, and Computer Programming and Systems classes and workshops.

I am excited to be your guide for this experience today. Throughout our time together we will be using this blog to co-create our artifact from this course. 

Tell Me More:

In order for us to work well together today we need to share why we have chosen this experience today. Using the journal in your conference bag and the materials provided at your table illustrate how this experience relates to your experience as an educator and your work this coming year. You have seven minutes to express yourselves.

While you are creating your illustration capture a few photographs about your process. 

Capturing and Recording:


Use the iPad or your device to open the website. You can switch easily between apps on the iPad by pressing the select button on your iPad twice then swipe between open apps.

Login and start a new blog post in this blog.

In 3-5 sentences describe your thinking while you were creating your welcome illustration. Include some of your photo documentation of your welcome exercise illustration in your blog post.

Include your last name as one of the ‘tags’ for your post. Using your last name for your tag, and any other tags you may choose to include, will help organize your thoughts from this experience and make them easier to sort after you’ve left WISSIT this week.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you today.


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11 thoughts on “Monday’s Welcome to Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom

  • Katie Hovanec

    Excited: The word Multimedia seems to excite kids. They love the opportunity to use their devices. It feels relevant and authentic. It also increases capacity for teaching media literacy & media message production.

  • Marisa

    I am her to learn about how to incorporate technology in an authentic manner in a high school math class. I’m worried about finding a way to use technology that will increase my students’ understanding of the material. I also worry about the time it will take to complete such a project.

  • LeShone

    I decided to join this group session today because I am not as tech savvy as I’d like to be, and if I am unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable using technology personally, it is surely difficult to use with students. I am excited to how Project Zero can mesh with the quality programming the Maryland International Day School already implements.

  • Susan silva

    Compass points…

    Excited … To be teaching in an age where things so fast and it is increasing more visual world!

    Stance… Wanting to expand my blog experience for my students!

  • Sean Felix

    I’m excited!!!

    Being excited about technology in general extends into this awesome idea of the multimedia classroom. I’m very excited about seeing multiple ways for students to document their process versus just creating a final multimedia project. The development of ideas over time is essential for learning and analysis, so any and all tools to give students this ability are exciting. Talking to people with other ideas on the subject broadened my perspective and showed how multimedia can mean more than just tech, and can also be daunting as students can get overwhelmed.

  • Colleen

    compass points

    3. I am really excited to discover new ways that I can make technology accessible to children in the school library media enter. Also, ways that searching for information can be as easy as using databases versus Google.