Group I- “DJ” Thinking Routine

This afternoon we engaged in a thinking routine designed by Kristen to help our group reflect upon their experiences over the past day and half and to share that thinking.




First we spent time thinking about our experiences on Wednesday at the museum and in our morning interactive course.

Next we came up with a phrase to describe our experiences. We went around in a circle and shared our phrase. We then repeated this sharing in the circle once faster and louder and a second time with our eyes closed speaking at our own pace.

We then opened our eyes and briefly shared informally how it felt to share in this way.

Kristen then asked us to distill our phrase into a single word. There was thinking time to do so. Once we came up with our word we were then asked to come up with a movement that embodies our word. Again we went around in a circle and shared the word/movement combination.

Then we moved about in a defined space- since we were outside on a patio and could have used the entire space- speaking our word and doing our movement. After a few moments Kristen asked us to freeze.

At this point Kristen explained that she was going the “DJ” our words and movement by tapping us on the head. Here we became instruments in a orchestra conducted by Kristen. The combination of words/movements created a site specific movement and audio human installation composed of our distilled words representing our experiences.


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