Multimedia – See, Think, Wonder


I’m drawn to the red, see red shoes, and red tables/benches, see that this person is outside somewhere


See multiple ways to tighten or fasten the shoes


See the red shoes are not pristine but dirty, I think it’s not the first time he/she has worn them


I wonder why there needs to be two methods of tightening or fastening the shoes? Does he/she prefer one way more than the other? Are they more comfortable because of having two ways of doing this?


I wonder if the laces are for functionally tying and tightening and the velcro is just for show since I notice it isn’t tight?


I notice the gap at the top of his/her shoe and wonder if that’s why the velcro isn’t tightened? Or do they ever stick stuff or store stuff in there?


All of a sudden I wonder why red? Is that why they chose to sit there and take the picture?


It makes me think about how I was drawn to the red but today I am wearing boring black shoes. I wonder why I don’t have more colorful shoes? I wonder if all the shoes this person owns are colorful?

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