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Take 3: Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom

  Tuesday, August 4th was the third time I have led my interactive course Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom. I was very excited to be invited back to WISSIT to offer this course as through my own educational journey and experience I see a fruitful synergy in the intersectionality. My syllabus for last year’s […]

Green Market and Union Square 2015-3751


Multimedia STW

I see a stone bridge, a dirt path, green trees, a photograph, a label that reads “Netter Cook”, shadows and light, the arches framing the woods in the background. I think that the shadows under the bridge are interesting and that this scene makes me want to be outside in the woods. The foliage on […]

Multimedia STW

See: I see two pictures, by the same artist, of bridges that have water and a dirt path running through the bridge’s arch.   Think: I think this was a juxtaposition assignment and the student chose to capture two different bridges.   Wonder: I wonder if these bridges are in the same park.     […]


See think wonder

I see a street scene with people sitting on the curb, a skateboarder in motion, a woman/dress/sweater walking with a cell phone.  Three way intersection, high buildings in the background.  sculpture onfacade of b lying.  Pedestrian patio area.   I think it is a Saturday in nyc/burrow?  People are hanging out, walking on a sunny […]