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Dear Participants of Group B, I received confirmation that this Blog will exist forever!  So please free to write comments, ideas or questions.  This might be a great platform for the future.  Let’s continue our journey into deepening our learning! Sincerely, Heidi Bachman and Rebecca Courouble

Headlines/ Learning Group A

The voice of the “other”: perspectives, drives and translations. Effective strategies for students communication. It is about the WAY you learn. See, think and wonder to achieve Global Competencies. How you say it is as important as what you say. LOOK before you LEAP! See, think, listen, wonder. Language reveals culture ?News at Eleven. Numbers […]

Visible thinking with multimedia at the NGA

Day two of WISSIT! Today’s interactive course is Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom and my instructor has asked me to illustrate an experience that relates to my experience as an educator and my work this coming year. Each person had only 10 minutes to express her/himself and this is what I created! I haven’t yet […]

Visible Thinking at NGA