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A metaphor: the ecotone

Here is the passage from Barry Lopez’s incomparable Arctic Dreams: “I am standing at the margin of the sea ice called the floe edge at the mouth of Admiralty Inlet, northern Baffin Island . . . This community of creatures, including those invisible in the water, constitutes a unique overlap of land, water, and air. […]

Learning Group C Parking Lot

Hi, LG C! Let’s use this space to list all our various questions, big and small, as Georgina suggested. If you would like to start a longer thread of discussion in response or connecting to any individual question, create a new post space with the particular question as header. Looking forward to this continuing discussion […]

Visible Thinking at NGA

Visible thinking with multimedia at the NGA

Day two of WISSIT! Today’s interactive course is Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom and my instructor has asked me to illustrate an experience that relates to my experience as an educator and my work this coming year. Each person had only 10 minutes to express her/himself and this is what I created! I haven’t yet […]

Blogging Tips – Use Categories

When posting to the blog, please be sure to check the boxes for the appropriate categories.  The categories are located on the lower right when drafting a new post.  This is especially useful for learning groups that wish to make use of the blog space for reflection and sharing ideas as it will help organize […]

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