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Resources for future reflection….

You will find a selection of resources or links that we hope will give more material to continue your “learning” as you get ready for the next school year: – video featuring a thinking routine done in a classroom in Florida.  We thought this will give you another perspective. Thinking routine – the note for […]

Thinking Routines overview grid

    Thinking Routines Matrix from the upcoming book Making Thinking Visibleby Ritchhart, Morrison & Church (Spring 2011) Routine Key Thinking Moves Notes Routines for INTRODUCING & EXPLORING IDEAS See-Think-Wonder Description, Interpretation & Wondering Good with ambiguous or complex visual stimuli Zoom In Description, Inference, & Interpretation Variation of STW involving using only portions of […]


Dear Participants of Group B, I received confirmation that this Blog will exist forever!  So please free to write comments, ideas or questions.  This might be a great platform for the future.  Let’s continue our journey into deepening our learning! Sincerely, Heidi Bachman and Rebecca Courouble

Blogging Tips – Use Categories

When posting to the blog, please be sure to check the boxes for the appropriate categories.  The categories are located on the lower right when drafting a new post.  This is especially useful for learning groups that wish to make use of the blog space for reflection and sharing ideas as it will help organize […]

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