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Group I- “DJ” Thinking Routine

This afternoon we engaged in a thinking routine designed by Kristen to help our group reflect upon their experiences over the past day and half and to share that thinking.     First we spent time thinking about our experiences on Wednesday at the museum and in our morning interactive course. Next we came up with […]


Chalk Talk on Global Competency (Timelapse)

This timelapse video was created as our learning group engaged in a chalk talk about Global Competency.   This timelapse video was created as our group engaged in a chalk talk about the headlines we had created and placed in relationship to the throughlines of the insititute.

Thousand points of light4-3346

Multimedia See Think Wonder

I see lights I see moving sidewalks I see no people I see marble walls I see a tunnel I think this is a great use of the space I think the lights are mesmerizing I think there is a ‘logic’ to the light display that I understand but cannot explain I wonder where the […]

Take 3: Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom

  Tuesday, August 4th was the third time I have led my interactive course Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom. I was very excited to be invited back to WISSIT to offer this course as through my own educational journey and experience I see a fruitful synergy in the intersectionality. My syllabus for last year’s […]

Green Market and Union Square 2015-3751

20141027 CPSR Lego Programming

H Days Four and Five Remixing Thinking Routines

In Photography and Film we’ve been working on finishing our first projects. Photography students did a documentary photography project documenting their day in 50 Photographs. Film students did a short film the was the autobiography of an inanimate object. Photography students created contact sheets and engaged in peer editing of their photographs. During peer editing the […]

H Day the Third, Thinking Routines evolve, documentation deepens

Three cycles into school takes us in the sixth week and the start of October. Class are humming and progress reports are around the corner. My advance planning continues but as we finish up the basics skills lessons and move into the first major projects of the year I found that thinking routines were not […]

20140925 CPSR 2nd Year Storyboarding for Scratch:Makey Makey

200140917 What is a Game Chalk Talk

H Day the Second, Documentation and Thinking Dispositions

This cycle we all begun to feel the rhythm and the engagement of “school.” After last cycle’s post I began to reflect more on my process as the teacher and the guide in my courses this year. Last year I felt overwhelmed by the documentation I was doing in the course blog. After each class […]

H Day the First

At WIS we use an 8-day rotational schedule for classes, organized A-H days. I see my students in their electives five of eight days per cycle. So here at the end of the first cycle- our H Day- I have seen each of my classes for 5+ hours of instruction and homework. Yes, there has […]

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After WISSIT and into the school year

Leading the interactive course Visible Thinking in the Multimedia Classroom at WISSIT this summer was a wonderfully challenging professional development experience. I came to this institute after teaching multimedia classes for one year at Washington International School (WIS) and with over 15 years experience as an educational technologist and Director of Academic Technology in Independent […]